Set the volume of broadcast


Broadcast volume is how many broadcasts will be done from all your target audience. Currently, we provide 2 types of volume that you can use.

You can use "Max" type for default. This option will reach the maximum number of contacts from your customers. However, if you select "Range" then you can set the maximum volume or specify the start and end positions of the broadcast.

Broadcast with range

Using a range-type volume has uses that can help you determine the reach of your audience.

There are two fields available, "Starts at" to determine the start position of the broadcast and "Finish at" to determine the end position of the broadcast. enter image description here In the example above, we filled "Start at" with a value of 500 and "Finish at" with a value of 1000. In this scenario if we have a maximum number of contacts that can be broadcast, which is 2000, then the broadcast will only reach users at positions 500 to 1000. So the total contacts to be broadcast are 500.

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