Activate OA Plus for Thai users


This app has some additional features that are only used on the OA Plusopen in new window platform. OA Plus is a more advanced OA platform than usual. To activate it you need to install any OA extension first so that your OA account can use various features of OA Plus. For users from Thailand.

MyShop extension


This is one of the OA extensions that you can install on your OA account. The installation will be very easy and you can start using the OA Plus platform as soon as possible after installing this extension.

Add MyShop to OA

To add this extension, you have to go to your OA manager page and then click the extension tab and click site to MyShop and follow further instructions.

Once active, then you can broadcast the same as you can do on regular OA and some additional features can be used on this OA Plus platform. Please broadcast first on a regular OA account so that all your follower chat rooms will appear on the OA Plus platform.

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