Broadcast by tag


LINE OA tags

LINE OA has a tag system that can separate your customers. Therefore LARIS provides a feature to broadcast based on the tags you have. First you have to change "recipients" to "filter by tags" and then you can choose the tags you want to broadcast.

Choosing tags

There are two sections that you can choose from. The blue part is the tag that will be targeted during broadcast. The red part is the tag that will be excluded during broadcast. The selected tag can be only one or more than one according to your needs.

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In the above example, the message will be sent to customers who have one of these tags : "Tag 1", "Tag 2" or "Tag 3" but customers who have a tag with the name "Tag 5" or "Tag 6" will be excluded from message delivery.

Example of condition

You can determine for yourself how the target you need. But there are some examples of conditions below that may suit your needs.

  • If you want to send a message to only one / several tags, then you must select the blue section and leave the red section blank

  • If you want to send a message to all customers but there are some customers that you don't want to send then choose the tag in the red field and leave the blue field blank.

  • If you want to send messages to only specific customers and at the same time also exclude specific customers then fill in the blue and red fields.

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