Broadcast by Excel / CSV File


So far, you must have broadcast using the same message for all your customer contacts. However, what if you need a different message for each customer? Such as telling about specific information or certain schedules for different people. We have a feature that provide the facility for you to prepare specific messages for your customers.

In this guide, we will show you how to set up your broadcast data from a spreadsheet of Excel / CSV file.


First, you need to change the recipients to "From Spreadsheet" like the example below.

Next, you need to set up data with two columns in a spreadsheet. That is the User ID and the message you will send. You can customize your message differently per contact and also you can have multiple messages for every contact. You just need to adjust the row according to the messages in each user id. Please take a look at the example below on how to implement it.

Example of Excel data

Getting User IDs

You must be wondering, where can I get the customer User ID to prepare the spreadsheet? You can get all of your broadcastable contacts via the contact downloader in the broadcast window. Please follow these steps.

After you have downloaded the contacts, you just need to add 1 new column for the message and use the downloaded Excel file as the source of data.

Using the file for broadcast

Now, your spreadsheet file is ready to use. Open the broadcast window and change the recipient mode to "From Spreadsheet". After that, choose the tab "Spreadsheet File" and browse the file on your computer. Select the file and then click "Confirm" to process the file. You will get to the stage where you need to set the data position in your spreadsheet.

We will set the data position according to the data in the spreadsheet. Set "First Data" to "Row 2" because we have a header row. Set the "ID Column" to "Column A" and set the "Message Column" to "Column B" to match the screenshot above. After that, you can click "Confirm" again, and then the spreadsheet data will be assigned to the message list.

Example of Excel data

You can also add some messages between the spreadsheet data. It will act as an addition to the existing messages from the spreadsheet but it will be sent to all of your contacts in the spreadsheet. Now, we will begin the broadcast and see the result.

As you can see, the broadcast is done and the message reached all of the contacts in the spreadsheet. Please contact us if you have any difficulty when using this feature.

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