Basic Usage

We will explain how to broadcast with LARIS. Please follow our instructions below to use the feature properly.

Log in your LINE OA

Before using broadcast, you need to make sure that you are logged in to LINE OA. Please go to https://chat.line.bizopen in new window to see your current login status.

If it's like the above, then you have to login first in order to use the broadcast from LARIS. Please login using your existing LINE OA account.

If you are logged in, then you are ready to use LARIS for broadcast. Please see the next step.

Open main menu

Next, open the main menu of LARIS by clicking the "Broadcast" button in your LINE OA.

Or you can click the extension icon of LARIS on the top-right corner of your Google Chrome. If you cannot find it, you can click the extension's puzzle icon and then PIN the extension for better visibility.

That's it! Now you are done opening the main menu for the first time. Next step you can learn how to Active the VIP Access or directly go to how to Setup a broadcast.

Activate VIP access

If you are using the free version of LARIS then it will be a pity if you can't enjoy all the useful features that we provide. However, this version is perfect if you want a trial. But remember that there are some secret features that are only available in VIP access. Please see below for a comparison of the features of the free and VIP versions.

Broadcast targeting✔️✔️
Broadcast scheduling✔️✔️
Unlimited Broadcast✔️
No ads / watermark✔️
Faster broadcast with split system✔️
Multiple administrators in 1 browser✔️
More visible tags & color setting✔️
Advanced chat filter✔️
Tag searching system✔️
Direct live support✔️

Those are the features that we provide for VIP access and you will get many updates and additional features in the future. Please take a moment to look at the prices of VIP access hereopen in new window.

Now, if you already have the VIP account, please go the main menu and click the green limit button to show the login form.

And that's it! You have activated the VIP access and now you are ready to experience all features from LARIS. Let's get to learn the basic usage of broadcast.

Setup a broadcast

The broadcast is the main feature of LARIS. So, now we will explain to you how to create your first broadcast here.

Open the main menu, select the account you want to broadcast. You can also set a multi-account broadcast by selecting several accounts on the available list.

After, you have selected the broadcast account, now you must prepare your messages. Currently, LARIS supports TEXT, PHOTO, VIDEO, DOCUMENT, STICKER and COUPON messages. Please see our example messages below.

Example messages are ready. We will broadcast to all of our LINE OA followers. So, set the broadcast to "All from inbox" and LARIS will fetch all broadcastable contacts later. Don't forget to click "Start Broadcast" green button to begin your broadcast.

Please wait for the broadcast to finish and do not reload the tab. You can see the broadcast results later when it's finished.

When finished, then you can see the broadcast results are sent properly according to the message you prepared earlier. That's it for the basic guide. Please read other sections of this documentation for more feature guides.


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