These are some solutions if you face the following problems when using LARIS service.

Broadcast speed is very slow and lot of delays

In early 2021, LINE Company activated the limit of sending messages to only about 20 messages in 1 minute. So when you send more messages in 1 minute, the message will not be sent and blocked. Therefore, this has an impact on the LARIS system. This makes us have to activate the delay mode for broadcast when the message you send is more than 1 minute limit. But don't worry about this! To solve this problem, please seethis guideopen in new window.

Unable to reply during broadcast

When it's broadcast, all of the chat quota given by LINE is being fully used by the broadcast. Therefore it will appear like this when you do a manual chat or reply to a customer.

enter image description here

However, we have a solution for this. Please read this guideopen in new window using your VIP account access. Make sure you have done a manual reply / chat on the new session that you have created based on the guide above. By separating the broadcast session and the reply / manual chat session, you won't get that error message again.

Unable to use after paying

You have purchased a VIP package for LARIS but you try to login and a message like this appears.

Login failed, you don't have any subscription

There are several steps that you should pay attention to if a problem like this occurs.

  • Make sure to wait for 1-2 minutes after payment Our system detects payments automatically and the system works every 1-2 minutes. So, when you make a transaction, the transaction will enter the queue which will be processed in the next minute. Therefore, please wait a few minutes after purchase for your access to be active. If you feel like you've been waiting and still can't login, then you need to read the next steps.

  • Check your inbox using your registration E-mail We do not require to use an active email when registering. However, if you do not use an active email then you will miss many advantages from us such as automatic notifications about your subscription, your payment, product updates or attractive discounts.

    So, if you use an active email then you can check your inbox and look for a payment confirmation message like this.

    The subscription mail inside inboxThe content of subscription mail

    If you have received this email, then you can definitely login and will not receive an error message like the one above.

    If you still can't log in even though you think you've paid, don't get a message like the one above and you use Paddleopen in new window payment, then please read the next section.

Paddle payment verification

Have you purchased VIP access using Paddleopen in new window and you have proof of payment while you can't login? Please check your inbox of your registration email and you will see a mail like this.

enter image description here

It is because every transaction that goes through the Paddleopen in new window system is allocated a fraud score. The score is dependent upon how likely it is that the transaction is a case of card misuse or fraud. This score is increased by a number different factors including but not limited to; recent fraudulent transactions on the card, recent transactions on the card under a different name, or a number of recent transactions on the same card at varying locations.

If the fraud score is deemed too high, your transaction will be held in about 1 to 12 hours and they will do a manual review process on your card. Please read more hereopen in new window.

if you need to use LARIS urgently then you can contact their support team hereopen in new window with the email address you have used to purchase. They will talk to you and do a faster verification so you can use LARIS and have your transaction accepted.

There are 2 decisions that you will get after the review process.

  • Your transaction is accepted If accepted, then Paddleopen in new window will forward the transaction to us and of course your VIP access will be activated immediately and you will be able to use it.

  • Your transaction is rejected What if your transaction is rejected without being able to be contested? Don't worry, they will refund your money in the form of a transaction cancellation on your card statement. The refund process can be instant and can take up to 5 days to be visible on your card. Unfortunately, Paddleopen in new window is in charge of this process themselves and you will have to wait for that.


This guide is to fix "Your connection is not private" error when accessing our site


Our site uses SSL from Let's Encrypt to secure the connection from you to our server so that the connection is always in the https protocol. However, in 2021. The global certificate of Let's Encrypt has expired and requires renewal. The update process should run automatically but some computers will experience the problem described in this article -connection-is-not-private-417ca007fe07open in new window

Therefore, here we will provide a guide for you to fix it manually on your computer. Please follow these guidelines in order.

  • Remove expired root certificate

    1. Click the Start / Windows button at the bottom left.

    2. Type certmgr.msc using your keyboard.

    3. Press Enter on your keyboard.

    4. Click button Trusted Root Certification Authorities

    5. Click button Certificates

    6. Find and click a certificate named DST Root CA X3

    7. Delete the certificate (Press red X button)

  • Install new root certificate

    1. Download this file to your computer isrgrootx1.crtopen in new window.

    2. Double click the downloaded file.

    3. Click button Open if a confirmation window appears.

    4. Click button Install Certificate….

    5. Click button Next.

    6. Choose option Place all certificates in the following store.

    7. Click button Browse.

    8. Find & click a folder named Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

    9. Click button OK,

    10. After successfully selected, click the Next button.

    11. Click button Finish.

    12. After that you will see the message import was successful.

After you follow these steps, then restart your browser / computer and try to open the site again. It should have fixed this problem.

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